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What Type of Exercise can I do with Heart Problems?

Moderately Intense Exercise is recommended for all Adults, can offer safe and effective Exercise for all Heart, Cardiac Problems and Conditions.

Moderate Intense Exercise is where you can be slightly out of Breath but still be able to Talk or hold a Conversation whilst you are Exercising.

There are always ways to do some form of moderate Exercise in every day Tasks, here are a few Examples:

  • Walking.

  • Cycling.

  • Taking the Stairs instead of the lift.

  • Parking further away from the entrance to the supermarket/shops, so you have got further to walk with your Shopping.

  • Getting off of the bus a stop earlier.

  • Carry out one minute of "Sit to Stand" whilst waiting for the kettle to boil.

Although, controlled exercise sessions with an experienced and Qualified Cardiac Exercise Practitioner, is one of the most advantageous all round methods,


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