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Happy Hearts is not only for the Heart!!

A couple of years ago I started to get Chest Pain and Breathlessness, I then went to my Doctor who then sent me for tests, I had some rigorous workouts whilst being monitored, but they couldn't find anything wrong, however I was very concerned as there is a family history of Heart Disease and my mother passed away quite young with Heart Failure.

I am now on a small amount of drugs, however Happy Hearts is not just for the Heart!!

A few years ago I was diagnosed with Bowel Cancer and had to have some quite invasive surgery, I was very scared and lost a lot of confidence. I have been clear of Cancer for quite a few years now, but due to internal scar tissue I still struggle with some movements, this is where the Online Classes have been a huge benefit. I do two Classes a week and Salli changes the routines regularly keeping them Fresh, Fun and Stimulating.

The benefits for me is not just becoming physically fitter but my balance has improved no end and I no longer suffer from night cramps, so clearly my Circulation has improved. During the Pandemic I missed seeing my children and grandchildren so very much, but having Happy Hearts Sessions Online really gave me something too look forward to. Seeing all the smiling faces helped to keep my spirits up.

I have found the classes so enjoyable, fun and beneficial to my Health and Wellbeing, that I will be continuing the Online Sessions as we come out of Lockdown.

Jean Button.

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