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Cardiac Rehabilitation Phase III

Happy Hearts Cardiac Rehabilitation offers a programme of education, exercise and a support network for anyone who has had a Cardiac event such as, Heart Attack, Bypass Surgery or have had a Stent fitted, equally though our programme can really help those that have been diagnosed with a range of heart conditions such as Angina, Atrial Fibrillation, High Blood Pressure, Heart Failure and Diabetes. This Cardiac Rehabilitation Programme is equivalent to NHS Phase III.

Rehabilitation usually starts 2 to 6 weeks after leaving hospital and following your last outpatient appointment and discharge.

This 7-week programme will be provided by a multi-disciplinary team of Health Professionals, including medical clinicians, BACPR cardiac exercise practitioner , BHF volunteer speakers and a network of members who are and have been in your position.

Cardiac rehabilitation provides all the help you need to return to a full a life as possible and support you to live with your heart condition, stay fit and healthy and greatly reduce the chance of another heart event.

There are numerous publications and literature available on Heart Health and Rehabilitation but nothing beats the sense of wellbeing that is achieved by the interaction with those in a similar position, the psychological implications and the impact on wellbeing on the patient and the family should never be underestimated, it can be severe and often takes longer to deal with than the physical healing, that is why we welcome a partner/family member to join in if they so wish.

The 7-week programme will cover the following topics.

  • What's happened to me?

  • What have I had done to me, medications and side effects.

  • Risk factors, modifiable and non-modifiable.

  • Nutrition and healthy living.

  • Stress and coping mechanisms and how it can affect your friends and family.

  • Benefits of exercise to include an introduction into an exercise routine specially designed for your Heart.

  • The importance of a support network.

  • Each week there will be a session of gentle exercise followed by an informative talk and interactive discussion.

  • Before and after each session you will be assessed by the medical clinician.

We will provide an ongoing and personal plan for your rehabilitation so you can be reassured you will return to a healthy lifestyle with no long waiting lists.

The next programme starts on April - May 2024 Dates to be confirmed at South Newton Village Hall Warminster Road Salisbury SP2 0PJ from 2 to 4.30pm, ample free parking, tea and refreshments provided.

£70 for the 7-week course.

The team will require some medical details before commencing this program.

For further details and to register your interest or to book a place on the course call Salli on 07969909162 or email

Testimonials From Previous Course Participants

Its absolutely brilliant. You have improved my fitness and inspired me to get back up those mountains! Thank you all so much.

Steve Jump.

March 2023.

The benefits are tremendous, I am confident to try exercise to walk etc, where I was scared before, but most of all I love it.. Its Fun.

Sheila Clifford.

March 2023.

Well what can I say, how do you keep up the excellent standards.

Sue Goodridge.

December 2022.

I have enjoyed everting about the 6 weeks and have greatly appreciated all the help and support.


Penny Pickles

March 2024

It was brilliant / I wish it had continued for longer! Enjoyed it all and the benefits enormously thankyou !x

Sophie Colthurst.

March 2024

NO need for improvement / course fantastic.

Fiona Fenton.

March 2024

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1 Comment

Sep 22, 2022

My husband had A heart attack in 2010 and has attended Saii’s classes since then.. The classes have supported his recovery and continue keeping him fit and mobile. She has many years experience of rehabilitation support.

I also attend the classes as it is a great workout, fun and much better than going to a gym.

Her expertise and enthusiasm is an inspiration to us all. Come and join you will not be disappointed. Joy Wagstaff

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