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Is Cardiac Rehabilitation Necessary?

YES...Cardiac Rehabilitation involves a gentle reintroduction to Physical Activity and Lifestyle Modification but also and equally as important can provide the Psychological Support that is much needed and improves the chances of survival for those who have suffered a Heart Attack or undergone Heart Surgery. It can cut the patients chance of Readmission to hospital by a THIRD.

However... Emphasise should remain on a Lifestyle change which incorporates a Safe Structured exercise programme that is Continuous far beyond the initial 12 Week Cardiac Rehab Sessions.

At we are very aware that we are all individuals with different needs and requirements, Emotionally as well as Physically so we will find a programme for your specific requirements rather that using "A one size fits all" approach.

We can give our members a Range of Options so they can work from Home, Online or in a group Environment.

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