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Depression and Anxiety after a Cardiac Event.

It is not uncommon to become Depressed or Anxious after a Cardiac Event. Most people are not sure what life is going to be like after a Heart Intervention. Questions many ask are as follows;

  • Will I be able to work?

  • Will I be able to Drive?

  • Can I walk upstairs?

  • Can I have Sex?

  • Can I go Swimming?

  • Can I go for long walks?

Are Just some of the questions that may go through your mind. The answer generally is yes you can, It will just take time and depends upon the type of Heart Condition you have suffered. You will not be able to run before you can walk!! The answer to recovery is Patience to get yourself fit and well slowly. For many it will involve a lifestyle change such as.

  • Eating healthily.

  • Exercising regularly.

  • Stopping Smoking.

  • Modifying Alcohol intake.

Life is still very much worth living, its all about Moderation and yes you can still have Fish and Chips occasionally. As well as the above a support network where you can talk to people who suffer from similar conditions, can help enormously and aid recovery.

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