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Happy Hearts

Award winning, online fun and fitness!

We provide a sparkling antidote for those suffering from debilitating physical and psychological effects of heart and respiratory disorders, as well as the effects of isolation and loneliness.

Happy Hearts provides a safe, effective, friendly and fun environment to help you get fitter and become more confident in living with and understanding your condition.

Who is HAPPY HEARTS for?

A warm welcome to Happy Hearts! Our classes are suitable and perfect for the following medical conditions:

  • Respiratory disorders including shortness of breath, Asthma and COPD

  • Cardiovascular issues resulting from diabetes, hypertension, heart failure, stable angina and obesity

  • Following Cardiac or Respiratory NHS Rehabilitation Programmes

Otherwise we welcome anyone, of any age who simply want to improve their heart health and sense of well being!

Information about our Phase III Course on 3rd September

Check out the following blog for further info

Enjoy Happy Hearts 
in your own time!

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A quick snapshot of one our Happy Hearts sessions

You can make each session personalised to you by choosing the different options and modifications offered.

Looking for a fun and engaging way to stay active? Join our new class at Codford Village Hall in Warminster! Our Thursday class runs from 4pm to 5pm and is perfect for anyone looking to get moving have a great time. Don't miss out on this opportunity!

If only 10% of our members are helped to avoid any future heart surgery in one year, the NHS could save over two million pounds.

It's About PHYSICAL and MENTAL Health

Salli Grant is the Founder of Happy Hearts and has dedicated her life over decades, to support many thousands in rural and urban communities, and the results continue to be truly life-changing. She is a sparkling antidote for those who suffer from the debilitating psychological effects of illness and isolation. Those in her classes are fitter, happier and healthier from the friendly and fun atmosphere that is generated by Happy Hearts, which has become a second home for so many.


Although exercise is a major contributor to a patient’s ‘road to recovery’, Salli provides a network of much-needed emotional support and a mechanism to combat isolation, where experiences and worries can be shared, new and strong friendships formed. Her boundless energy, great enthusiasm and, above all, passionate desire to provide safe, progressive and fun exercise sessions has undoubtedly succeeded in improving the quality of life of many with heart problems in the South West.


90% of our members are in the 60 to 80 years age bracket, many of whom live alone and the weekly meetings provide a lifeline and a social event to which they look forward.

Meet The Team

Happy Hearts has been a massive part of my rehabilitation and I would recommend Salli's classes to anyone who has had, or is having, Cardiac problems - or just wants to get fit in a fun and vibrant exercise class... you are all welcome!

Nigel, Happy Hearter


They aren’t just exercise classes - it is evident that the emotional effects of heart surgery can cause anxiety and depression - this can cause problems at home, work and socially. But exercising and talking to others in the same position got me through it and to where I am today - a fit, healthy 70 year old!

Geoff, Happy Hearter

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